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Shanghai - From France of the East to New York of tomorrow

Hi @ll,

so I have safely arived in Shanghai. Visiting my dad who's living there. After 2 days of shopping and sightseeing we are going in to the countryside. Where we will visit a town which is called the Chinese Venice. Afterwards I will go for some rounds to the Shanghai Formula One Track. We are able to drive there for about half an hour. Afterwards don't know but I will see.

Take care this was just a short lifesign.

Later will be more also with pictures.


30.12.05 01:48

First Day - First Try

Hi @ll U just step by this little online journal of me.

4 more days till X-Mas Eve and just 6 more till I leave for my trip to China. It will be a busy week till then, but I will tell you later about this.

What happend the last time:

First of all my FCUK Laptop broke down and I got to buy a new one, not enough my last backup was 4 weeks ago. So I didn't have any data at all... For Gods sake!
But a friend of mine Steffen (Thanks so much) helped me to get at least some of the old Harddisk.
Yesterday I got my marks for my SAP R/3 class, and I was decent a 1.7 what is an 3.5+ so I'm quite happy. The rest of the semester I have to learn a lot for my final exams. Hopefully I'm able to do them. Otherwise I have to return for one day in middle of June06 to take them.

What else:

I moved, YEAH for all of you haven't got a x-mas-card so far, it'll come or I send my adress by email to you all.
I also started to work. I'm working in the strategic management at Siemens. It's a lot of fun, cause I'm doing the thing I hated most during my studies. Doing Controlling stuff, the whole day, or better 17.5 hours a week :D what is quite ok. So I earn some money. Hoping that I can do a trip around the world after finishing my final thesis in July(just after the World Cup).

So please offer me a bed I hopefully I will step by :D

So far so good,

20.12.05 10:16

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